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Scottish kilts in your chosen tartan (plaid) are now available to buy online direct in the USA and other overseas countries from MacGregor and MacDuff a Scottish family owned company established in 1979.

This website is designed to offer our North American clients in Canada and the USA their own portal, where they can read about our kilts and accessories and buy them online. If you are ready to buy a kilt online you can go directly to our kilt sales online catalog.

On this website we offer you information that includes how to wear a kilt, choosing your tartan and links to our main website, where you can buy your kilts and accessories online. We also offer a brief history of the Scottish kilt.

Our family is heavily involved in the day-to-day running of our kilt company and with the help of fellow Scottish enthusiasts that have worked in our kilt stores for years, we believe we offer a wide array of knowledge and real-life experience of Scottish plaid kilts and Highland wear manufacture. Being able to bring our highland wear to an online marketplace has been very satisfying for us. We enjoy selling our kilts online to an international market enabling many ex-pats and scottish descendents to reconnect with their celtic roots.

Scottish Kilt WearingAs three brothers, we maintain the family ethos between us and our in-store teams. We also like to spread that ethos to our kilt sales and rental clients and I believe this is the reason that we have many returning customers and friends that come to us for their Scottish highland dress products.

We are a fully-integrated kilt company with our own kilt manufacturing factory, five retail stores and online sales. In our Glasgow, Scotland headquarters we manufacture all our kilt jackets, vests and kilts and supply our retail stores and website orders with these garments. If you buy a kilt outfit from us you can be sure that it will have been made in Scotland.

Nowadays everyone seems to be outsourcing their manufacturing to cut costs. We are very proud to have trained Scottish workers cutting, sewing and pressing our garments in our Scottish kilt factory. We are members of the Scottish Tartan Society and approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority and have a firm belief that Scottish products should be produced by trained and experienced Scottish people. We also have a fashion department which monitors today’s fashion trends. We then endeavour to make tartan fit into the current look, which helps keep tartan alive each day.

Plaid KiltWe are also the only kilt company in Scotland with its own fully-dedicated ex-rental store. We use this store to sell and part-exchange kilt outfits and accessories. The store is open seven days and offers people the opportunity all year round to own Scottish highland dress garments that may have been used but are still of high quality. The ex-rental store also offers people the opportunity to purchase a life-long garment for a reduced price.

Our stores supply Scottish kilt rental and kilt sales for all occasions. Renting a kilt is very popular due to all the weddings, graduations, dinners, etc., that go on throughout the year. If you rent a kilt more than 4 times a year it will probably be more cost effective for you to purchase a full outfit from us.

By purchasing the outfit you have the ability to choose your own clan tartan and pick the accessories that best suit your taste i.e. type of kilt jacket, colour of sporran, flashes, socks etc. and the style of sgian dubh and kilt pin that you prefer.

Of course our online sales are not limited to a full outfit purchase.

We have many customers that need authentic Scottish gifts and accessories that we can also supply using the finest Scottish suppliers. We have built relationships with these suppliers over our many years of retailing.

The staff at MacGregor and MacDuff hope that this Website offers our Canadian and American friends the opportunity to read and learn more about us as a company but more importantly to learn more about Scotland, Scottish Kilt History and Scottish clothing.

We want you to be part of our family and help us to continue to do what we do best and that is producing kilts and Scottish highland dress products for lovers of Scotland in Canada, America and all over the World. Enjoy!